Jess Collett


With her first hat party at the age of seven, Jess was dressing up, and using hats to give herconfidence. For her an outfit wasn’t complete and didn’t reflect the person she was without a hat.

“I believe hats have the power to transform your style and mood.”

Jess has been working as a couture milliner for the past 25 years creating beautifully crafted hats with cutting-edge designs for the sleek, sophisticated and modern woman. Both Jess’ diffusionline and bespoke creations have donned the heads of Madonna, Rita Ora, Pippa Middleton, Princess Eugenie, Helena Bonham Carter and Thandie Newton, to name a few. With her technical experience and instinctive sense of what hat wearers want, her designs have been described as stylish, striking, and carrying an edgy elegance.