Misa Harada


Misa Harada’s journey began at The Royal College of Art in the mid 1990’s, subsequent to this, she spent four years designing for Royal appointed milliner Frederick Fox.

Following this, in 1998 Misa Harada launched her own label at Paris Fashion Week, where she rapidly became well renowned within fashion and millinery circles for her quirky yet elegant designs. Misa’s use of traditional millinery and exclusive style has been championed by former collaborators Katharine Hamnett, Thierry Mugler and Yohji Yamamoto; In November 2015, Misa’s retrospective exhibition titled “Hats off” was held at Pola museum in Tokyo.

Today, Misa Harada handcrafts striking hats for all occasions. Misa Harada features in numerous International fashion publications. More Recently, Misa Harada now features in British Vogue continuously, including designing a bespoke headpiece for top model Cara Delevinge. 

Misa Harada’s features extend to the front cover of Tatler, where Cindy Crawford is seen modelling and wearing her design ‘Vivi’. 

Adding to her successes, Misa has also designed hats and head pieces that has enticed a series of celebrities including The Scissor Sisters, The Rolling Stones, Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Aniston. Her clientele has also extended to royalty, Princess Eugine recently wore one of Misa Harada’s designs to the Royal Garden Party.

Currently, Misa Harada’s women’s and men’s collections are sold in over 120 retail outlets across fifteen countries.