Veronica Main


Hats now, hats past – these are my passion.
Keeping alive the heritage of this diverse industry for future generations to enjoy, learn from and use is my mission.

I have worked with straw for over forty years producing work for private commission, film and TV. Recently I retired as a curator for Luton Culture where I was responsible for the Hat Industry and Headwear Collection. Wardown House Museum holds the world’s greatest hat industry collection.

It has been important for me to not only understand the history of the industry but to be able to recreate plaits, braids and trimmings used in the trade. I am one of the last straw plaiters using traditional techniques and have written a book, Swiss Straw Work –Techniques of a Fashion Industry to ensure these skills can be passed on to future generations.

My work encompasses museum consultancy and research as well as making plait to commission. I am a Queen Elizabeth Scholar.